For Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Management


An entity-relationship approach to the business, a structured, systematic and intuitive business model of entities, relationships and key data for innovation, entrepreneurship and management.


The Business Entity-Relationship Model (ERM) presented in this work enables:

· acquire a logical and interrelated view of the key elements of the business and its application in the processes of innovation, entrepreneurship and business management

· give a new definition of the business concept, represent all businesses generically, their specific types and any particular business

· redefine innovation more broadly, generate ideas and increase innovation capacity

· tackle entrepreneurship with an integrated and interdependent vision of the key elements of the new business

· plan, execute and control the business strategy against competitors in a sector of economic activity

· identify the origin and understand the apparently complex, heterogeneous and abstract concepts used in business management and generate new key or strategic data in an organized and homogeneous form

The new model is based on the Entity-Relationship (E-R) technique, which allows the representation of the real world by elements called entities and relationships that occur between them.

In addition, new concepts called supra-entities, supra-relationships and supra-attributes to cover the diversity of situations and perspectives existing in reality are proposed.


Alberto González is industrial engineer (Polytechnic University of Madrid) and master in technological and industrial innovation management (CEPADE, business school of the Polytechnic University of Madrid).
He has developed his professional career in the areas of information systems design and development, planning and management, in the financial, railway material and aeronautic industrial sectors.

Luis Müller is bachelor in economics and business administration (Complutense University of Madrid) and master in finance (Carlos III University of Madrid).
He has developed his professional career as an entrepreneur, consultant and executive in the financial, industrial, health, consumer electronics, education and internet sectors. He has been associate professor of finance and business administration at Carlos III University.

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